A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to Barn Bashers!

This is a fast-paced local multiplayer game.

Play as 4 farmers competing to collect the most fruit.

Run, collect fruit, hit your friends, and bring it back to your farm.

BUT be aware of your energy bar, when this hits zero you'll be sent back to respawn.

Energy is lost by hitting other players, walking, and 2x by running.

Luckily there are hearts to restore your health, And you'll get alittle back each time you collect a fruit.

Think you can be the best farmer in one minute?! Prove it!

(4 Player Only)


Controller Configuration= PS4 controllers.

X = Melee

R1= Sprint

Left analog = Move



Miguel Larreynaga - Lead Developer @mlarreynaga

Jonathan Mendez - Developer @jonm2

Cheng Zhang - Artist @chengzhang

This was made as a Midterm for a "Multiplayer Game Design" course in Unity2D using C#

Install instructions

Click download and extract all files.

Grab 4 Players and have fun!


BarnBashersPC_1.5.zip 25 MB
Barn Bashers_1.5.app.zip 28 MB

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