A downloadable Party-Game for Windows and macOS

**DISCLAIMER: This build is of version 1.0, version 2.0 is currently being worked on (If you had come across this game at a showcase or convention v2.0 is the one you are looking for.) **

Local multiplayer arena brawler where the only way to interact with other players is by using the grid. This game is being made as my thesis, I want to prove that games can be sort of a language on their own. With the use of everything except for words or language, can all the ideas and concepts of the game be understood by everyone of every language? Can four people that all speak different languages still understand and play the game without needing to explain it in all of their respective languages.

At the moment, the game requires 4 people to play.

Controller Compatability: Xbox One, Xbox 360, Ps4, Ps3, Ps2, Switch joycons, Switch pro controller.

Jon Mendez, Roles: Programmer, 3D modeler, animator, level designer, UI designer.

Alec Ackerman, Roles: Audio composer.

Install instructions

Extract all from zip file, then double click on executable for PC.

Mac- open zip file, press on application.


Hexagoners_PC.zip 541 MB
Hexagoners_Mac.app.zip 547 MB

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