A downloadable Combats for Windows

This game was made during Global Game Jam 2017. The theme of the game jam was "Waves" therefore we used bats due to their use of echolocation.

Please Ignore the "How to Play" screen. This screen requires an update, as well as some of the gameplay aspects. The Game itself is still in development and will continue to be worked on and updated.

Thank you.


Ps4 Controls-

Movement - Left analog or Directional Pad

X- Dash

Square- Sonar/ Echolocation

Triangle- Taunt



Which ever player has the most points by the end of 2 Minutes wins.

Attacking another player: Your Sonar doubles as a weapon. If you hit another player with your Sonar they will lose 3 points and you will gain 2 points.

Items to Collect Currently: Coins = +1 point. Gems = +5 points. Trophy(Once per game hidden on the map) = +10 points. (These will be balanced more in the next update)

When you shoot your Sonar, your Bat will be slowed because they are waiting for it to come back. The Sonar will bounce back in the same exact path that it was shot out in. If you do not catch the sonar when it comes back your bat will be confused and will not be able to shoot for a short amount of time.


We are aware of most of the issue's that need to be fixed in the game and will continue to develop the game as much as we can. Thank you for your understanding.


Combats3.0_Game.zip 52 MB